Year 1 read the story Whatever Next. They discussed what Baby Bear wore on his head to keep him dry – the material it was made from and the properties of that material. They identified the suitability/unsuitability of the material.

We then conducted an investigation to find a suitable material to make a hat for Baby Bear that would keep him dry. We talked about how some materials absorb water and that we needed to find a material that was waterproof.
The children investigated four materials by pouring drops of water on them using a pipette. They identified plastic as being the most suitable material for a hat as it was waterproof.

The children have been exploring measure using non-standard and standard units. Yesterday they went outside and measured things using paper strips. Today they used rulers to measure different objects from within the classroom. They are looking forward to measuring things in their own homes to find which objects are longer and shorter than each other.

It might be Monday morning but it is all go in Year 1a.

1A are learning about China in their topic work. Today we had a magnificent lion dancing workshop. They learned that according to traditional Chinese belief, the lion signifies courage and superiority. The lion’s dance is performed on Chinese New Year and on other special occasions. It is believed to chase away bad luck. The mirror attached to the lion’s head is believed to reflect negativity. The lion moves to a musical rhythm from clashing cymbals, a gong and drum beats.

The children firstly had to warm their bodies up and then learned how to move around to the beat of the drums. Once they were familiar with the moves they performed an actual lion dance.

We have started learning about materials in Science. This week we took time to explore a range of materials and identified their properties. The children then decided on how they could sort the objects. The criteria they thought of were shiny/dull, soft/hard, smooth/rough.  You can follow the link below to visit Crickweb and play some interactive materials games with your child. Even better, you could collect some objects from inside and outside the house and think of ways to sort them into groups.

In Science 1A had an investigation challenge question. They had to work like scientists to find out which was the warmest/coldest day of the week. Each day they took the thermometer outside and then measured and recorded the temperature. At the end of the week they were able to identify what the warmest and coldest days were for the week.


The children are keen to continue measuring the temperature throughout different seasons to see what they notice. This is something you could do at home with your child. We too will continue to measure the temperature at throughout the year.



The children had lots of fun whilst making their mittens. They explored a range of joining techniques before choosing the most effective technique for their mitten. They designed their mitten before setting to work on stitching it. The children then decorated the mittens in accordance to their design and finished by evaluating it.


The children have made a super start in year 1. They have settled into our new school amazingly well and become familiar with the routines of year 1 life. We look forward to inviting parents into our class to take a look for themselves very soon.


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